Convertitore Euro - Lira


Convertitore Euro - Lira is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. Convertitore was written by Simone Pernice from scratch. It is a simple currency converter, written for teaching purpose (it is well commented, although in Italian). For a powerful universal linear converter give a look to ELC
Version 1.0.0, 14th March 2005 Turin, Italy. Build 1.
Convertitore Euro - Lira needs a MIDP 1.0 phone
If you like Convertitore Euro - Lira and you want to help its development send a donation/postcard to: Simone.
Send a mail also to ask questions, suggest improvements, add new measure or changes, add new conversion units, fix bugs.


Insert an amount in € field to get its equivalent in Lira and vice versa.
If you like this program send a postcard or a donation to Simone.

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