Five Or More


FiveOrMore is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. FiveOrMore is written by Simone Pernice.
Version 1.6.0, build 13, 3rd November 2006.
FiveOrMore needs a MIDP 2.0 phone.
If you like this game send a postcard to Simone. If you find a bug write to me, I will fix it!
Thanks to Stefania for two great algorithm improvement ideas; Ruggero, Roman, Giulio, Alessandro, Federico and Francesco for suggestions and testing. Have Fun!


FiveOrMore game is a clone of Color Lines. FiveOrMore objective is to align at least five balls of the same color causing them to disappear and play as long as possible! At start up, you find yourself with three balls randomly positioned on the board. Each turn, you are allowed to move one ball. After your move, the phone drops three balls, again at random positions. You can preview the color of the balls on top left of the screen. If you manage to align five balls of the same color, they disappear and you are given an extra move before more balls drop. To make a move, select one of the balls. You can then chose its destination by selecting an empty square. If the path to the destination is clear (your ball cannot jump over already laid down balls!), the activated ball rolls there. As balls disappear, you get points, your score is shown on top right of the screen. You score 5 for 5 aligned balls, 5+6 for 6 balls, 5+6+7 for 7 balls and so on. There are also as more extra points (between 0 and 9) as full of balls is the board. Every once in a while a Jolly ball drops, it is made of all the colors. It can be used instead of every color. There is also a challenge mode: insert a number between 0 and 99 to get always the same sequence of balls to challege a friend of yours! Enjoy!

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