Simone Messenger Over Bluetooth


Simone Messenger Over Bluetooth (SMOB) is written by Simone Pernice, it is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.
Thanks to Markus Jogmin for search code fix. Version 1.4.2, Build 7, 6th November 2007 Turin Italy.
SMOB requires a J2ME phone supporting MIDP 2.0 (and specifically JSR-82 is required for Bluetooth connection).
So if you like SMOB and you want I continue to develop it please send me a donation/postcard. To ask questions, suggest improvements or changes, fix bugs contact Simone.


SMOB aim is to exchange messages between phone through Bluetooth connection. The phones have to be close (to make a Bluetooth connection) and SMOB should be running.
Use FIND to update the list of the near phones running SMOB. Use BEEPS ON/OFF to enable beeps receiving messages. Select a contact and then send a message with SEND, close the communication with END.
If you like this program send a postcard or a donation to Simone.

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