Interval Calculator for Engineers


ICE is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. ICE was written by Simone Pernice from scratch. That is because I was not able to find any similar open source project to use or improve.
Version 1.00, 18th October 2010, Turin, Italy. The project begun on 18 July 2009 Turin, Italy.

ICE was born after I realized how SIMP was useful and hard to use. SIMP is a interval package developed for Octave. I used SIMP a lot for the worst case analysis in my designs. The worst case analysis is where the proper intervals work very well. Unfortunately SIMP uses prefix syntax for every function as well as addition. For example to add the intervals [1,2] and [3,4] you have to write something like addint([1,2],[3,4]). Not very short as you can see.
ICE uses a syntax very close to Octave but it supports natively intervals. That makes stright forward to write expressions and get results. The previous expression written in ICE would become 1_2 + 3_4. ICE is so simple and useful that I use it almost everyday for my electronic design job.
ICE supports:
If you like ICE and you want to help its development send a donation/postcard to: Simone.
Send a mail also to ask questions, suggest improvements, add new measure or changes, add new conversion units, fix bugs.


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