My Family
My family is composed by

My wife Stefania

Stefania was born in Monza, when she was 7, her family moved back to Sicily. She is very good in making every kind of food and sweets... We met first time at university, while I was attending physic subject. After that we attended every subject together and we graduated in Electric Engineering on 17Th July 2000. Then we went to work to Ericsson in Rome, after we moved to Turin to work in Motorola. Now Stefania works for Replay. I changed company as well moving to Magneti Marelli who develops into the automotive business.

Our sons Alessio and Luca

It is very time and energy consuming to look after them. But it makes our life happy.

Alessio was born in Turin on 6th November 2009. He is very clever. It is very time and energy consuming to look after them. But it makes our life happy.

Luca was born in Turin on 8th October 2011. He is the little of the family.

My mother Maria

My mother was born in Bisacquino, a small village close to Palermo in Sicily. She is a housewife. She is great, she always support ourselves (but in her own way)... She makes great food although she does not like to much cooking.

My father Leopoldo

My father, as well as my mother, was born in Bisacquino. He used to work for Italian train company. Now he is retired, he likes having every kind of food my mother makes. He likes go around with his motorbike while he hates to go out by car.

My brother Giancarlo

My brother was born in Palermo. He is attending University in Palermo. He likes motorbike and he is a very good driver. He has the ability to fix staff: he can be a plumber, electrician or mechanic or whatever he needs.

Myself (Simone)

That is myself. I was born in Palermo. I like programming and go out with my mountain bike. I am graduated in Electrical Engineer at Palermo University. I work in the electronic field.