China: Tianjin from last week of July and the first of August 2004

Just out of the flight everything smell different, people are different. China is a great place. I spent there just 10 days and almost all the time working in a factory but I loved the place. I landed in Beijing. The trip to Tianjin takes two hours by car. People are nice, but a Chinese vocabulary is very important because few of them understand English. Everything is different. I was able to have a look to Tianjin just on Sunday. Everything was great. I hope to go again, it is a great experience!

Photos of my hotel in Teda, it is half an hour from Tianjin. There is also the commercial center in front of it.

I took those photos on my free Sunday in Tianjin.

The life is cheap compared to Europe so the most expensive restaurants are affordable. However I went to several standard restaurant to see how and what eat people like me. In those restaurant only chopsticks are available, only the most expensive ones have fork and knife. That is why I had to learn how to use chopsticks...

A city close to Tianjin.

Here people are looking to a film projected on a wall in a public street.